Best Home build for 150 British Pounds / 300 Dollars


I already have a good PSU and graphics card

I only need to update my CPU/ RAM/ Motherboard for my budget

So throw out some suggestions
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  1. where are you buying from

    whats your other hardware

    What operating system are you using

    what are you using it for
  2. sorry

    that website answered all my questions,

    because what I can do now is match up the name of the CPUs from ebay to that list
  3. That chart tells nothing - like Outlander =_04 said - tell us what you want to do with the pc - then we can help you. For most games a 955 Black Edition/mobo will do just fine.
  4. my budget is 150 british pounds anyway for the cpu, motherboard and ram

    which is all I need
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