Gigabyte 6850 vs XFX 6850

recently the computer store from whom I buy my computer accessories,has introduced the gigabyte 6850.I wanted to know how it fares against the XFX one considering it is little bit cheaper.How many 6 pin pci e connectors does it have ?
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  1. both use 2x6-pin far as face value I would say xfx is a more popular brand but that might mostly defer to the fact that they have a lot of models of the 6850 card...Gigabyte I only see least on Newegg thats is...I have read reviews on both and depending on the model in your store the xfx seems to be the way to go...ummm if you decide to shop online a 6870 is only 10 more dollars on @ $170 right now...whilst the 6850 is 160
  2. The 6870 is definitely worth the ten dollars. and if im not mistaken xfx has a lifetime warranty :D
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