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I need a new am2 motherboard. I keep getting bsod and i think it's time for a new motherboard.
I'm using AMD Athlon 64 3800 dual processor.
Please recommend me, a good am2 motherboard. Thank you.
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  1. This is the only AM2 board I see on newegg:

    It does have decent reviews. Look over the specs to make sure it'll support your current hardware. Since socket AM2 is pretty old you're not going to find a large selection of new boards.
  2. hmmm... some am2 boards are quite old now.. :(

    perhaps its time for a am3/am3+ board with am3/3+ processor

    im not sure about you budget but just on a quick look around i can see for about the same price of your current processor (£30 on a quick look) you can probally upgrade it to quad core Athlon with a little extra money.

    also i know of some asus motherboards in a m-atx form factor that you can get cheap such as the m5a78-m lx (i think £30) or in atx form factor the m5a78-m (i think £45)
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