MSI HD 6950 X-FIRE SERIOUSLY low fps! and benchmark.! HELP

Hi everyone im new to the forum and i actually joined because this is bugging me so much!!

2 Days ago my 2 new Twin Frozr ll R650 GB cards arrived and i couldnt wait to get going!

So i uninstalled all drivers from previous card (hd 4890) and installed both cards into the x16 lane slots and attached the crossfire bridges. Installed new drivers and couldnt wait to play a game so i logged onto wow and i had worse fps than
my previous card!, 35 fps on max settings.

I then decided to run 3dmark11 and 3dmark vantage benchmarks and scored very low compared to similar systems. I then ran a benchmark just with 1 card and scored low again.

I am really frustrated as i have spent alot of money on these 2 GPU's and really need all the help i can get, i do have descent computer hardware and software knowledge but its not good enough in this case obviously!

Custom Built System Specs:
i7 920 stock at 2.66 GHZ
Asus P6T SE Motherboard

I did have a suspission that it may be the psu but results show that the hd 6950 is less power demanding than my older hd 4890. So what could be the problem?!
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  1. Cant find your psu...How many watts is it?...what are your total sys specs...Ram, etc besides whats already written...try to dl the 11.1 patch and see if that helps...
  2. okay found your psu...650 watts if I'm may be just that...your card is rated to have a 500 watt or greater w just one card so the 6950 is designed to back throttle if it cant get the power it needs...this may be the problem...I wld def look into a better power supply...corsair has a fgew good ones that are 750 watts...even 800 wld be a good safe bet...:)
  3. 6gb of ram 3x2gb
    625w psu

    11.1 patch of what driver?
  4. i can understand what your saying and it may be the problem but after looking at power consumption the hd 6950 seems to use less than my previous hd 4890 and that worked fine?
  5. your old 4890 was single card configuration? none the less 625w is wayyy too low for 6950 crossfire setup. i have a single rail 600 watt with only one hd6850
  6. your i7 and psu is bottlenecking your dual gpu config. To check if this is true remove one gpu and run the same benchs .Fresh install the latest ati catalyst driver. Upgrade your psu because your dual gpu needs more head room.OC your cpu to 3ghz
  7. Just ran a benchmark in 3d vantage for 1 card and got a gpu score of 10428 in extreme preset is this normal ?
  8. ok i will try this can anyone confirm my benchmark score on 3d mark vantage?
  9. Can anyone else confirm if this score is low?
  10. thanks it seems the card is runing fine when on its own, it is probably the psu. Also is it possible to overclock my cpu to 3.0ghz with a stock heatsink??
  11. cpu bottleneck... also might be psu, get 750w corsair or higher

    yes it is possible to get 3.0ghz on stock, that is a very little overclock

    if i was u i would just return 1 gpu and keep 1, 1 will run fine with ur cpu @ stock and that psu, and will max almost every game
  12. Could you do us all a favor and post your 3dmark11 score and or vantage score on normal performance setting.

    It is quite normal and expected that anyone running at stock settings will get a "your system is performing below others with a similar system". This is because most their database is based on overclocked systems.

    You also did not mention brand on that 625w PSU. That is below the recommended power, and unless it's a good brand, it unlikely enough.

    It would also be helpful if you downloaded GPU-Z and posted some screenshots for both cards. I'm most interested in what the bus interface says.
  13. is your computer set on "performance" power setting mode? that actually matters.
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