Is it ok to turn on my new computer without graphics card.

i have bought and fitted all the parts to my new build appart from graphics card, i am not looking to see an immage on a monitor and dont even have a montior accessible at the moment i just want to hear it start up for the first time.

is this ok or will it cause motherboard damage.

also will the computer reconise there is no card installed and show error lights/beep
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  1. No problem if starting the board without graphics card. What's the board model?
    If inside the case, make sure that the standoffs match the board's screw holes (an extra standoff might cause a short). If outside, put it on a non-conducting surface the board's box, for example).
    For some boards, the VGA led will remain lit. Or, if you have connected a case speaker to the mtherboard, you will hear the error beeps signaling that no VGA card is installed.
  2. Pretty much what the guy(girl?) above me said, your motherboard wont take any damage from being booted up without a GPU, same goes for pretty much any component as you can use this "feature" to check for defect hardware. (i.e putting a component in one at a time to find out which is causing the issue)
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