I7 2600k temperature error

Hey there,

Just built a computer for a friend and everything is working absolutely fine. However, when we boot up the computer it comes up with an error saying 'CPU over temperature error' - we then press F1 to enter the BIOS. In the Bios, the temperature shows about 80 C and then cools to around 50 C within around 20 seconds. This happens pretty much whenever we restart the computer.

When we start windows and test the temperature using HMonitor and Speedfan - the temperature shows around 40 C ( what it should be - idle). I'm not really sure which to believe - we've reseated the heatsink many times.

Any advice would be great.



Specs -

i7 2600k with the default CPU fan!
Zotac GTX 570
P8Z68-V motherboard
Corsair 600t Graphite
Corsair HX750W
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  1. make sure all 4 push pins are all the way through the board and securely fastened.
  2. Do you have the correct amount of thermal paste
  3. bad voltage setup? seems a bit quick for it?
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