Just built a new computer, cant start windows

I just built a computer and have been having a couple problems, fixed those, and had to make a new thread...
(Last thread was a pretty unrelated problem, though still maybe hardware based...)

Now there is a red light next to Boot Device, and the BIOS says there are no hard disks connected even though both of my hard drives are connected via SATA. These are my old existing ones from my last computer, is this a problem?
Also, it goes to the windows 7 starting/loading screen then stops after about 2 seconds, blue screens, then sends me to start up repair, which shows me this.

Problem Event Name: StartupRepairOffline
Problem Signature01: 6.1.7100.0
Problem Signature02: 6.1.7100.0
Problem Signature03: unknown
Problem Signature04: 828
Problem Signature05: AutoFailover
Problem Signature06: 1
Problem Signature07: BadDriver

Is there a problem with me using old hard drives in a computer with entirely new hardware? (All drives are connected via SATA and I have tried switching boot priority between them with the same results.)
Do i need to re-install windows 7?
Will I lose all my data in the end?

Help is highly appreciated,

Thank You.
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  1. Hello Tusakano;

    It's usually not a problem.
    What was on the old drives? How much free space is on the boot drive?
  2. tusakano said:
    Now there is a red light next to Boot Device, and the BIOS says there are no hard disks connected even though both of my hard drives are connected via SATA. These are my old existing ones from my last computer, is this a problem?
    Keep it simple starting out. Use just 1 hard drive installed. And you should be able to see the HDD in BIOS before beginning the OS install.
    Im guessing you're using the SATA cable that came with the motherboard?
  3. I used just the drive with the main install of windows 7 now, still says no hard disks, but yet it recognizes that there is a storage device there, and that windows 7 is somehow installed... I'm using the original SATA cable from the hard drive. There wasnt a whole lot on the old drives, mostly games, no extremely important documents that I do not have physical access to.
  4. If necessary, i'm fine with reinstalling windows, I just want to get this computer running.
  5. Ok, so you were installing Win7 on a Win7 drive?
    That's why it flipped over into Repair mode.

    And since your parts have changes there are probably driver issues.

    Use the Custom (Advanced) install option for a clean install. You could also partition the hard drive from that option, shrink the primary partition, create another and install Windows into that new partition. That would leave your files intact even though the games won't run unless the original install of Windows gets repaired.

  6. Oh no, im not yet installing windows, im just asking if it's the only way, im sorry!
    Slight Misunderstanding!
  7. Usually, the repair mode will notice a mis-matched driver and fix the current installation.
    Im not sure what is going on with your setup there.

    Can you install Windows on the other hard drive you mentioned?
  8. I'm not sure... I'm just going with a clean install, sorry about the confusion.
    Now I have one more question, you know I have 2 hard drives, does windows need to be installed in both or can i put it on one, then pop the other one in and be done...
  9. And how do I get to the install screen... Is that from the BIOS? I have the disc in but I don't know what to do...
  10. It keeps saying my hard disk is in AHCI mode... Whatever that is...
  11. Best answer
    Use the F12 key for Advanced Boot options and choose the DVD drive to boot up with.
    That should get the Install DVD up and running.

    You only need 1 boot device, no need to install Windows on both HDDs.
  12. Thank you... But is this AHCI thing a problem or is that normal, i've never seen that before..
  13. So i was able to format, and deleted everything on the old drives... But it's now telling me that windows cannot be installed to disk. This is the error message it gives me:

    Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition table. On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed to GPT disks. Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space. Windows must be installed to a partition formatted as NTFS.

    What does this mean...?
  14. Can anything be done...?
  15. Best answer selected by Tusakano.
  16. Reformat the hard drive. There should be an option at the end of the formatting to select NTFS or FAT32...pick NTFS.
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