Video Crashes during gaming.

Hi guys, I built the following computer about 3 years ago.

Mobo - Mobo

CPU: Phenom II x4 940
- CPU: Phenom II x4 940

Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 - gpu

power - power

case - case (I have like 5 120mm fans installed, all pointing in the correct direction)

Cpu Cooler - Cpu Cooler

8gb Kingston 800mhz ddr2 ram

Windows 7 ultimate

I'm not overclocking anything.

I have all of the newest drivers.

While playing games, during especially graphically intense events, my monitor will go black (and state that the monitor is no longer plugged in), a fan in my computer will go nuts (uber loud), the audio will do a 2-second loop for 30 seconds or so and then crash completely, forcing me to do a hard restart on my computer. No matter the game, the events of the crash are always the same. The crash can occur in particular spots (such as a very specific moment in the first cutsceen of Witcher 2), or in seemingly random places (such as dead island - crashes all over the place).

I have placed the visuals on the minimalist of settings, yet it still happens!

The problem has existed ever since I built the thing, but as time marched on, its gotten more and more prevalent! Now, I'm playing Skyrim and it's crashing all the time, so its finally time for me to fix this before i lose my cool!

I have a gut-feeling that it's the GPU, but I don't know for sure, so I'd love to hear the expert opinion of this community!

Thank you guys! I do appreciate your time.
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    It's pretty hard to say for sure.

    If your computer will pass a few hours of Prime95 and will pass a night of memtest, but crashes in games with a black screen, chances are strong that a VRM is overheating on the video card.

    You might see something with GPU-Z or HWmonitor.

    CPU-Z Vital for overclocking, but also for detecting RAM settings.
    Real Temp Just measures CPU core temps. Does it well.
    HWMonitor Tracks many temps and a few other useful things.
    GPU-ZTracks many GPU temps
  2. Thank you Proximon, i'll check those suggestions out =)
  3. I did a FurMark stress test on it and the gpu was running at 90C and crashed the computer just like the gaming crashes i've been experiencing. Looks like it is indeed the gpu, I'm going to go buy an HD 6850 to replace it, I hear they're a really good value buy right now.

    Thanks again, Proximon, i appreciate the assistance.
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