Need advice for choosing a motherboard

Hi everyone,

I'm building a gaming PC on a budget, so far I've decided to go with the following componentes:

- Processor: Intel i5 3570k
- GPU: GTX 660 Ti 2gb (Still don't know if EVGA, PNY or Galaxy)
- RAM: Corsair DDR3 1600 MHz 8gb
- Hard Drive: Seagate Sata3 1TB 7200 RPM (or maybe Western Digital)
- PSU: Cooler Master 600w

However, I still don't know wich motherboard to get. I don't need to OC right know but it would be nice to be able to do it in the future. My budget for the motherboard goes up to $120.

I hopw you can give me a hand, thanks in advance.

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  1. Thanks for the quick response and the good whishes. Why did you erase the other part of your comment?
  2. I got cold feet. I really do hear from alot of folks who won't read the board manuals. Guess reading is becoming a lost art. But it would help some folks decide on which board to order; they're all very similar except for the bios adjustments. Had to download the full asus software package for my h61 board to get a windows bios update feature that doesn't require a usb drive. I've never bought one. The asus software worked fine, then I promptly deleted it.
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