Blue Screen of death (Minidumps included)

Hi everybody,
I'm frustrated!^^
I upgraded my PC with a new Motherboard (Asus Sabertooth 990fx with the AM3+ socket) and the AMD Phenom II X6 Black Edition about a week ago now. I also got new ram because my old board only had DDR2 ram. And a BR drive (but that doesnt really matter here ...)
So after installing MB and CPU, plugging in my graphics card everything seemed to go fine. Until I got the first blue screens.
They were completely random, a different error code every single ****ing time, not the same stop message twice. I tried to analyse like the 30 minidumps I got but that ****ing Microsoft analysis tool doesn't really tell you anything except "It's probably xyz" Oh really Mr. Sherlok, thank you I could have googled that myself!
What I then did was throw out my old HD, borrowed a fresh one from work and limited my RAMs clocking to 1,3GHz (from like 1,6)

NOW, most blue screens are gone. It's not this I randomly crash anymore thing, it's just one blue screen that happens:

STOP: 0x00000024

Now I know that has something to do with partitioning and stuff...but I really don't know anything for sure. I tried analysing the two dumps I got so far and the analysier only told me: "It's probably ntsf.sys" ... great. Now I know what to do.......not.
I read on the microsoft support page that I should try changing HD (as the disk is NEW as in never been used before and only ordered like a week ago it cant really be the disk. And before I go off reformat that bastard with it's 100TB of updates I finally downloaded until it crashed on me with the installation of SP1 I wanted to ask you guys for advice.)
Other things were to change SATA Cable (check) and some useless stuff...
Also I looked up the mini dumps with this program called Bluescreen viewed and it was mumbling something about an AMD SATA Service crashing in the events of one of the BSoDs...could that mean something is physically wrong with the SATA Hub on my Motherboard? >___>
Oh and real quick, I ran chkdsk on the HD like 3 times, I'm just not sure what the results are as the command promt disappears to quickly. Where could you schedule a check at booting again? I did that like a few days ago but forgot where it was :/

I hope you guys can help me. I'll try and get the mini dumps into this forum thread :P
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.....
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  1. I just realised that I can't upload the minidumps here -.-
    And the forum won't let me edit my post -.-

    If anyone has an idea on how to share the minidumps, please tell me. I figured they'd help you help me ^^
  2. if i was you i would change HDD to GPT and then back to MBR (or the other way round) it will make sure everything on your HDD removed including partitions and then you can install windows from scratch again and create your partitions

    if that doesnt work it could be a problem with the ram try different RAM the ones you have could be faulty
  3. BSOD are normally caused by either memory or driver problems. In your case I would suspect that it is the new memory that is causing the problem, you may need to increase the memory voltage in the BIOS. Download and run memtest86 overnight to test your memory.
  4. Do you have the latest chipset drivers & bios? Also look here:
  5. 1. I ran a memtest via a USB stick while I was at uni today. After two hours it showed up this:

    2. @changing the Rams what should I change it then? Are there recommended voltages? Because a few years ago I almost fried my CPU experimenting with voltages and overclocking in my BIOS XD

    3. I have the latest Chipset drivers but not BIOS. Updating Asus BIOS is a pain the *** D: I'll try that though.

    4. Before reformatting my HD I wanna try all the RAM related problems first...
    Though...from the picture I posted it sort of looks like faulty RAM. I'm gonna take one of the bars our and run the test again to determine which one it is.
  6. Update:

    I took one of the ram bars and ran the memory test again. Only after a couple of minutes it threw out the first red results:

    I let it test for a couple of hours and in the end I had like 10 errors. So I switched off the PC, changed the RAM and now my PC won't start anymore. There is no video output on my screen, my razer mouse gets power as the LEDs are on but my keyboards LEDs stay off...
    When I looked into the computer the little dram LED next to the ram slots was lighting red. The same thing happened when I switched the ram again.. :S
    Anyone got any idea what to do here?
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