GB-Z77X-UD3H w/1866ram?

So the specifications of the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H clearly states that it supports memory higher than 1600 when over clocked.

I already ran across 16gigs of 1866 Corsair Vengence ram, and snapped it up. The UD3H supported memory list includes 1866 ram (although it does not include this specific model).

Q: when I first boot up my new board will it accept the 1866 ram and run it @ 1600 w/o any OC or tweeking? Or am I going to have to OC the CMOS before reaching a stable configuration and booting up my new system? (might i need to loosen up timings from 9-10-9-24?)

Thanks guys, you're my heroes!
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  1. Hi, 1600 is probably the default speed (SPD). You have to enable the XMP in BIOS for 1866.
  2. Yea. Got ya. but I should be able to under clock this ram from the word go right? Then I'll work on tightening the timings at 1600 or adjusting the freq to 1866 if I get my cpu that high. No sense in going over a 1:1 ratio, it will just bottle neck. These i5 processors rely primarily on adjusting the multiplier for OC right?
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  5. alexoiu said:

    Yah eventually I reached my own conclusion that it was going to be fine. But this was a great guide. Thanks a bunch for the link! I did manage to get the timings on this ram down to 7-8-7-22
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