Unable to connect via wireless/unable to reconnect all network drives

Hello everyone, I am in a desperate need for help :??: .

I am trying to fix my sisters laptop before she goes back to college. The computer is suddenly unable to connect to the internet via wireless, but can connect perfectly fine with a cord. Also whenever I restart it says unable to reconnect all network drives. I tried updating the wireless card driver but that did not help.

The computer is a Dell Latitude D630 Laptop running windows vista ultimate 32 bit, the network card is a Dell Wireless 1395 wlan mini-card.

I took it over to some other places to see if it was just my router, which is a linksys e3000 and to no avail it still could not connect. I tried doing some system restores and that did not work either.

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide, Will
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  1. Is the wireless turned on? usually one of the Function keys like F4
  2. Yes the wireless is turned on lol. I suppose I should also add, whenever It tries to connect it gets stuck on identifying network even though it says the signal is very good.
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