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I built a computer ( ga-ep35-ds3l; intel q6600; 650 watt power supply; 1tb hdd; radeon hd 5450 vid card; and 8 (4x2gb) 667 ram ). I turn it on everything comes on like the mobo lights and it make a long almost distorted beep and a sec later the led goes off on the mobo but the fans are all still running, i need help i have no idea what it could be, and there is never any video displayed on the monitor
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  1. I once made a horrible mistake plugging a 6pin PCI power into the 4pin MOBO connector, i ruined a £200 MOBO. back in the day. =P
  2. i made sure everything was hooked up all leads pluged in and i there is still one long distorted beep and eveything shuts off except for the fans
  3. Try just using one stick of RAM if it boots you may have a bad stick. I would try each one individually. Also if you have a motherboard with onboard graphics and you are using a discrete card try removing it and use the onboard.
  4. Try breadboarding: with a minimum hardware config. One of the most common causes in a fresh install like this is actually unused motherboard stanchions under the mobo...
  5. I have never breadboarded and i will try but how do i figure out what the problem is once i do that
  6. does anyone know if any of the parts i put in are incompatible with each other
  7. i breadboarded it and still the same thing happens it turns on and makes a long beep and then the led lights on the mobo goes out but the fans are still running
  8. Read your motherboard manual to find out what one long beep means.
  9. That's what I did first but there is no error for just one beep its one one beep followed by more beeps. I think that it might be the mobo, I removed the bid card and same thing happened, I removed all except one and it still persists so I used another psu and it still continued so it's down to CPU or mobo
  10. All except one what? Have you tried different RAM?
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