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$1000 gaming system

Last response: in Systems
November 14, 2011 11:33:13 PM

Approximate Purchase Date: Within the next month or two

Budget Range: $800-$1000 After Rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Watching movies, Surfing the internet

Parts Not Required: Monitor, Speakers, Mouse, Keyboard, Operating System
Preferred Website(s) for Parts: reputable site

Country: United States

Parts Preferences: Intel i7-Sandy Bridge
Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe

Monitor Resolution: My monitor i plan on using with it is 1920x1080
Additional Comments: Emphasis on the graphics, for something that would play most modern games at medium/high quality. I plan on using Win 7 Ultimate 64bit with it

This is my first time looking at building a computer, and would just like some advice on some decent parts, graphics cards that give the best bang for the buck etc. Thanks!

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November 15, 2011 12:27:28 AM

For a gaming system on this budget get an i5 2500K rather than the i7: you' save at least $100 and have no detriment in gaming. Price about $219 (about $319 for the i7)

A good Z68 mobo will run you about $120.

Go for, at the very least, a GTX 460 (I am not certain of the AMD equivalent) which should get you decent gaming under $200. If you can find a GTX 470, or a discounted GTX 560 or better yet a GTX 560 ti for under $200 they will do too. The AMD equivalent of the GTX 470/560 ti is their 6950, which is about $260.

4-8 GB RAM from a Crucial, Corsair, Kingston or other reputable RAM OEM. About $50.

You'll need a good case for ventillation. This is a Tom's Hardware recommendation: for $50; while I prefer this Corsair: for $100.

A good 23" monitor will run about $170.

Get a good CPU cooler $50.

You will need a good PSU. I suggest Corsair, Seasonic. Antec or another good PSU OEM. Expect to spent $80 +.

There we go: a system under $1000 that will play most games at max.

November 15, 2011 12:56:13 AM

i2500(k if you overclock) - $220

z68mobo - $120
it's near black friday so just keep an eye out on customer recomended boards about at about $120 and you'll probably be fine.

8gb of ram - $40

Case antec 300 - $55
has air filters, huge plus.

Power Supply corsair 750w - $130
You don't need a 750w for 1 card but if you sli in the future you'll want a powerful unit.

Video card, GTX 570 - $350

Hard Drive 1tb - $150

Total - $1065

*With black Friday you should be able to get a deal on many of the parts.
**You can probably find a cheaper harddrive in a store. and if you don't need a lot of space could potentionally grab a deal on a 120gb ssd from the sales. for near $150.
***Easy way to drop $100 off the total would be to go GTX 560ti or possibly with an AMD video card.
****The stock cooler should be fine if you don't oc. If you do decide to oc you'll want to go with an aftermarket cooler.
November 25, 2011 3:20:57 AM

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