No Audio Output Device is installed.

Hi guys I am desperately asking for help as I am about to pull my hair out over this.

This morning i got up and woke my computer up from sleep I did a few things and then went to play some music but alas no sound came out, so i restarted my computer and now on the speaker icon it says No Audio Output Device is installed. Now this has happened to me before and i eventually fixed it by running the microsoft fixit 50131 however this time it does nothing, I will explain what I have done to try to resolve the issue I hope this is not a dead sound card as I need sound working tomorrow.

I have tried scanning for hardware changes in device manager.
Installing latest drivers.
Uninstalling the device but it did not auto detect so didn't re install.
Trying to add hardware then adding the sound card but when it installs it says it didn't install properly and has a code 10 error.
Tried going into services and restarting windows audio.
Tried a system restore.
Tried windows update.
Tried turning user control off ( somebody suggested that ) .

I have tried so many things and I am starting to get annoyed could someone please try and help me I would be very gratefull as I enjoy my music and am missing it already already :( .

Also unless I add the hardware the sound card does not show up in device manager.

My Laptop specs are as follows.

Laptop: Toshiba Satellite U300.

Os:Windows Vista Business Edition Sp2.
Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T7100 @ 1.8GHz 1.8GHz
Ram Memory:2.00 GB
System Type:32-bit Operating System.
Graphics:Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family.
Sound card: All I know is it is a realtek I cant get number as it does not show in device manager.

If you need more information just ask and thanks to anyone who can help.
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  1. I could not find the sound card there I put my number in but it didn't mention what the card was.
  2. I was looking at Belarc adviser and I found this under communications im not sure if it is the sound card but if it is this is the problem could someone just confirm thanks.

    ↓ Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller
    Status: Cable unplugged
    Dhcp Server: none responded
    Physical Address: 00:1B:24:D8:37:DB
  3. How come you didn't find the sound card driver?

    Go to scout_03's link, and do as I say:
    - 1. Choose category: Laptops
    - 2. Choose family: Satellite
    - 3. Choose model: write U300 into the input field, it gives 3 results. Pick yours, and click GO.

    Now click on the Downloads tab. Select "Windows Vista" instead of "All Operating Systems", and "Driver" instead of "All Categories".

    There you go: "Realtek Audio Driver for Windows Vista"
  4. the number you gave here is the mac address of your network card also a realtek one
  5. Ok I found the sound card driver sorry looked in wrong spot :P it installed successfully but after a reboot nothing had changed, I think the sound card could be stuffed as I booted into a linux live cd and tried playing a music file there and it wouldn't give sound either, going to pull the laptop apart after lunch to see if it is not connected or something. Do you guys have any more suggestions or see something i have missed?

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