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Hey everyone,

I had my case open to switch graphics cards today, and I ran a Windows experience score check just to get a basic idea if things were okay when I installed, however, what is weird is I would get this high pitched squealing sound coming from the computer. I have verified that it occurs when I have either my GTX 480 or my 670 in. What is weird, is that I only ever heard it today, and only during windows experience score. I was even running far cry for a bit to see if things were running smoothly with the card, but no sounds happened at all. I have only heard it during the windows experience score check, any ideas what this could be? It sounds like when you have a balloon and you slowly release the air.

tl;dr: My computer is squealing like a balloon only during windows experience score updates, and I have tried 2 graphics cards.

Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. If you've tried 2 different graphics cards and get the same sound, it may be a noise that the power supply or a fan is making? Is it very high pitch, or does it just sound like air moving?
  2. It's a variable pitch. It starts off low, then gets progressively higher pitched. I'm not sure how I would describe the squealing but I guess it would sound like gas escaping from a very very small hole

    Could it just be a weird coincidence that both my 480 and 670 make the same whine?
  3. Try putting your ear into the computer case with the case open when running Windows Experience Index and see if you can localize where the sound is coming from. Is it coming from the video cards, or from one of the other fans (either CPU, PSU, or case fan)? Assuming it is coming from a fan -- in my experience most of the time such sounds come from a fan.
  4. Its something I thought I would never see.
    Both of your cards are squealing, because Windows Experience Index works by putting it to the full limit, thus inducing your fan to go full on power.

    Any idea what you could have possibly done to these cards to cause it?
  5. It might even be the chip itself, some CPU's make a high pitch noise sometimes, it seems like it wouldn't be anything harmful if it's only happening during the windows experience screen.
  6. I can pretty much confirm that it's not the fans because I turned them all the way down on the fan controller, and it made no difference. I can confirm that when I put in my MSI 670 PE the whine is longer, more pronounced, and changes pitch. With the EVGA 480 it occurs, but at a different pitch, and stays consistent at that pitch.

    If it helps I have an i7-3930k, Asrock X79 Extreme6, MSI GTX670 PE/WVGA GTX 480, and a CoolerMaster GX 750W

    I haven't done a thing to the cards really, they both get 7.9's if you were wondering.
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