Budget Build+Netbook

Hi all, relative newbie here. I saw a friend had a computer build from here and thought I'd give it a try.

I also want to buy a netbook for class. As you can see I'm redoing my entire computer system.

Approximate Purchase Date: Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Budget Range: 700 or lower after rebates for the tower+peripherals, less than 300 for the netbook

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Games (I just want to be able to play without lag), Internet browsing, Word Processing, Website Editing, Movie watching

Parts Not Required: I need everything. :( I haven't owned a desktop in forever

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Doesn't matter

Country of Origin: United States

Parts Preferences: No preference

Overclocking: Doesn't really matter

SLI or Crossfire: Doesn't matter

Monitor Resolution: I also need to buy a monitor. I don't care what size it is as long as it is above 16 inches. :P

Additional Comments: Need mouse, speakers, monitor, Win 7, and probably something to hook me up to wireless internet. Need a decent cheap netbook for class/internet surfing since I can't drag the deskie around. Any suggestions are welcome.

I realize I probably should've posted this during Black Friday/Cyber Monday since I can't really buy anything right now hahaha.
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  2. Wow. Nice, job! Quick question, would there be much of a performance difference for this build that the user chose here at this link:

    Or is the build you made better? I'm hoping this will last me a few years until I get enough money for a better rig.

    And I ordered the wireless card just now, thanks for the great find!
  3. Weaker GPU. Dual Core while yours is Triple core processor.

    It's good too but yours would be better.
  4. Awesome, well I'm glad mine is better. Thanks for the build. Going to nab it.
  5. Good luck!
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  7. One last question, could I wait around for Black Friday/ Cyber monday to purchase the rest of the stuff, or will the rebates and free CD/DVD drive probably be gone by then?
  8. The rebates will be there. The DVD drive might be gone though.
  9. I'll go ahead and grab the Seagate drive then. With the prices of HDDs as they are, I doubt they're going to have a sale on them ....
  10. Yeah, it's because of the flood. It used to be only $40 :(
  11. Yeah. :(

    Anyways now I have to decide on if I really do want to wait for BF/Cyber Mon. If I order then I won't be able to build the computer until the 17th of December. If I order now I can build it and be able to return items that don't work. Don't know how long warranty is on everything since I've never purchased from newegg before this.

    Darn the offer for the seagate drive is gone (with the DVD burner) :( <---was thinking of buying this and then browing newegg for a dvd/cd drive
  12. That's pretty good for the price, seriously. :)

    Yeah, Just get LG, Samsung or Liteon. All of em are about the $20
  13. Okay I'm assuming a drive like would be okay right?
  14. Yep. Get the LG or Liteon one though.
  15. Oh any particular reason? >__>
  16. ASUS blueray players seem to literally *burn* the cds/bds. It may not be present in their cd/dvd drives but I'd take caution.
  17. I see. Thanks for the warning!
    is what i'm probably going to buy then.
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