Best Sub $100 (60-80 preferred) CAD Z77 Motherboard


I am looking for a motherboard with z77 to work with a i5 3470. I was looking at this combo deal

Does anyone have any experience with this board? I only found this HardOCP review

Is there also any other recommended boards you guys have?

I want the z77 since I can overclock the i5 3470 a bit to 4-4.2ghz.
I am a bit worried about lak of vrm cooling and vrm quality but will those be issue with such a mild OC.

I hope to run this build till skymont/skylake

EDIT: I will not likely be running CF , just a single 7850 with this. Just need something that can overlcock reliablely and be stable
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    get this if you can fit it into your budget. msi doesnt make a very good mobo anymore

    this is more budget friendly
  2. you cant manually over clock that processor, get an i5-2500k or i5-3570k if you want to manually overclock
  3. I heard that the i5 3470 could be overclocked to 4 bins higher than the max turbo clock. so 4.0ghz and maybe try pusihing more using Bclk.
    I am hoping for this build to last till around skymont/skylake.
    I live about 20min from NCIX so they are my preferred vendor (no need for shipping).
    I would grab a FX6300 and then grab steamroller but I am not the type to upgrade later on.
  4. id go i5 if you dont plan on future upgrading
  5. Eaxctly why I am going for i5 right now.
    Is this Extreme 3 comparable to a the Extreme 4 you linked?

    Hoping for replies from people with experience with the MSI G41 or G43 or G45 boards
  6. Hoping for advice from people with firsthand experience with budget boards or the i5 3470

    I still want your opinion even if you don't have first hand experience =)
  7. i believe the difference between the extreme 3 and 4 are the amount of usb 3.0 ports and another small thing or 2. i wouldnt buy an msi board, they arent the best value
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