Radeon hd 6790 vs gtx 550

hi there.... i need help here chosing the GPU.
any solid conclusion from all of you, cause this two card have a persist price.

- MSI GTX550Ti Cyclone II OC --> GTX 550
- XFX HD 6790 ZDFC --> HD670

my rig spec is

- Intel i7 2600k/i5 2500K
- MSI Z68A-GD80 G3
- Corsair 8GB RAM
- Corsair 650 watt

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  1. IMO, never go for any of those if you're going to be gaming, at least get the GTX 560ti or HD 6950 they give great performance with a good price range
  2. well my credits is limited... about $150. have you any sugestion???
  3. For $150 I would suggest going for the 6850.It's faster than both the GTX550ti and 6790 and it O.C.'s nicely.

    XFX 6850 $160=$130 after MIR + Free Shipping


    You also get a free game with that card.

    If you can stretch your budget just a little more this card is the best bang for your budget.And it even comes to within your budget after the MIR.You won't be disappointed,I know, I own one.

    Sapphire 6870 $170=$150 after MIR + Free Shipping

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