No forum posts?

i have 12 posts but, none come up in the site search or on my profile...?!?! :fou:
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  1. You can search your post history in your profile. Pay close attention to the drop down box, as it searches by forum section.

    You can also go to the 'no thread' tab, and click the 'see all' link.
  2. I also really need to see all my post and I'm not understanding you.
    Can you please be more specifc about where to go in order to see my posts?
  3. On the right hand side of the screen, make sure the right column is unhidden. The box that lists your profile, post counts, points..etc, click the 'no thread' tab. On that tab, click the link to 'see all'.
  4. Thanks, it worked one time and now when I press it, it just doens't show anything.
    The same pages open but there are no threads there.
  5. That means there haven't been any new responses.
  6. ohhhh, xD

    i think the no responses was my issue!

    thank you!
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