Display, keyboard and mouse not working

I am aware that this question was already asked. As mentioned my display, keyboard and mouse dont start-up. All fans are working and the lights on the motherboard come on but nothing else is working. This is what I already did and checked:

1) PSU tested
2) Bios reset by removing power and battery
3) Tried using ps2 and usb keyboard and mouse
4) unplugged all drives and graphics card so only bios should start
5) tried using different working graphics card

Is there anything else I could try before buying a new motherboard and will my cpu still work.

Thanks and regards
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  1. Try testing one stick of ram in the first slot and reboot. Then try each stick like this and see if it boots. Then try with no ram and you should get three beeps for no RAM error. Does it beep at all when you power it up?
  2. 1+, try no RAM and if your MB has the speaker then if there is no beep, LED light on, and you try PSU, onboard video card. Also you should check the cpu to see there is any sign of physical damage like burn marker. If the answer is no then the MB is dead.
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