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i have an old dimension 4600 desktop. it's already been upgraded with dual 160 gb sata hard drives, 3gb ddr400, pentium 4 3.4/512/800/HT, and a new copper heatsink. the last thing to be upgraded is the video card, which must be agp 8x. i've found 2 competitors for the $50 slot. one is a ati hd 3650 card, which is not ideal since it has 1gb ram and will prevent me from using all 3gb ram. the other one is a 2600xt, which can process more FLOPS per second, and has a dual slot ICE-Q cooler, with 512 mb ram. so which one would be better? (no spam about it being an older pentium 4 system.)
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  1. VRAM doesn't have anything to with PC RAM.They are totally different.So getting a 1GB card would be a good thing and won't hinder the PC RAM at all.

    What is your budget?

    What is the make/model of your PSU?

    The best you could get would be this 4670 although you might need a new PSU to run it.
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