Got $1800 to spend on new build

Been three years since my last build and not up on what is what.

I want something that will last another three years. All that I have really decided on is the case and processor. I want to go Nvidia, but not a clue on mobo and graphics card. I want to be able to game with everything cranked up.



Any advice on good mobo/graphics card combo to help me build this out?

Budget is $1800
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  1. Maybe I should rephrase this.

    Any good advice on how to build out this entire system on my budget? I will buy all components from newegg with the 12 month no interest. Makes it easy for me.
    I am looking for a good built within my budget and will also need to get a monitor. My old build is going into my sons room so I have to get it all.
    Thanks to anyone that has time to help. It is much appreciated.
  2. Get this i5-2500k + z68 motherboard + PSU + 8gb ram + HDD + Case $640

    Get a GTX 570 $330

    $970. You're pretty much set with this.

    Do you need an OS? Are you planning to OC?
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