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I built my first rig four years ago and I'm very very very novice at building computers. I have this purple screen of death and I don't know the cause. I get this screen at any time, even when just surfing the internet. I turn the system off and I can use it for awhile before it happens again. My system runs relatively cool since I don't overclock it, I took out all the dust, and I have two system fans installed. Any ideas?

What can I download to test my system?

Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 @2.66 GHz
GPU: ATI Radeon HD 3850
Windows 7 64bit on 120GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD
4GB DDR2 Ram
Monitor: LG 245WP

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  1. I don't know which of the three possible paths to take.

    1- Replace video card.

    2- Check cable for signal

    3- Replace monitor.

    Any of these things is possible for not too much money these days, you are running some older hardware there.

    I have never seen that kind of purple screen. My first thought would be towards the monitor itself.
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