I've posted a thread similar to this a couple days back.

There is a ticking noise coming from my PSU but I know the fan isn't hitting anything. It sounds like it's coming from the cord and where you connect it to. I've had the PSU for 4 months and it's still under warranty. It makes a ticking noise probably one every 10 seconds and it's quiet, yet, it's very annoying and form what I hear, dangerous too. It also might stop for 30 minutes on some occasions, but I'm afraid if I return it, they won't hear it and send it back to me.

Should I return it to the place I bought it from? Or call up Antec? And, will they even let me return it because of the noise? It sounds like an electrical fault of some sort...

Thank you so much,
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  1. Contact Antec since it is still in warranty. It may be a known issue to them.
  2. Try another power cable, if that doesn't stop the ticking, then send it back with a note inside the box explaining exactly what the problem is.
  3. Sounds moreso like the cable is arcing or a capasitor is blown. Return the item as it is still under warranty.
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