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my antec psu died after only 6 months . now im trying to decide wich psu to get . im in Australia so i can only buy from mwave


and eBay but not second hand

my budget is only $90 and here's my rig:

phenom x4 840 95w . im going to overclock this soon

5970 . apparently it can overclock up to 1 GHz but im not sure how much it will power it will take . i wont crossfire because by the time its outdated ill need a dx12 card .

ive got 1 hdd . i might get a second later but nothing more . i used a calculator and it says i need 580w minimum and 631 recommended .
im deciding between these: has anyone tried this .
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  1. Corsair Tx750w.
  2. Which Antec unit?
    And i'd contact Antec for a replacement if it's under warranty!
  3. the tx 750 is over $90 .

    the earthwatts 650w , i can get a replacement but its in the us and i have to pay for postage and then i have to wait for a few weeks and what if it breaks again and breaks something like my mobo . you can tell its bad quality , the of switch was broken from day 1 .
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