I am buying,actually i already order the components,so i want to be 1000% sure that they will work together.I ordered MSI motherboard,it's micro ATX,2gb ram and CPU Dual Core.I searched on some internet sites and found that CPU is using 65w and my GPU 50w,but i cannot verify that so i am afraid that i would need to buy new PSU.

MB MSI B75-P45
CPU Intel Pentium Dual Core G645 2.9 Ghz 3MB Cache LGA 1155(same as mb chipset)
RAM Kingstone 2Gb 1333Mhz
Current GPU NVidia GeForce 8600 MAGIC 512MB GDDR2 Asus Edition

I am planing to sell my old mb,cpu,gpu(8600M) and ram and buy new GPU one sometime around Christmas.It would be MSI R7750 1Gb GDDR5,and it uses somewhere around 80w of power,that's what i heard,so can anyone confirm to me that this is good idea and that i didn't made horrible mistake.My PSU is MS Industrial 400W,and my case is MS INDUSTRIAL Vesper ,so motherboard(MSI) can be mounted in it(uATX)?
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  1. you ask for compability check before you buy the parts
  2. well,i was in a hurry,so first i ordered components then i searched on internet for their compabillity,---(that was stupid,i know)---but i couldn't find enough.but the components aren't sent yet.They're going to be send 24th so I still have time to cancel if something is wrong.
  3. everything is compatible, i would get 4gb of ram at least though and yeah, get a new power supply 450w should enough, get 80+ or 80+ bronze. you dont want to use an old power supply that isnt 80+ with a new motherboard
  4. i will get more ram ,just now i've xp 32 and we all now how much ram he can take,so i need to find win7 or win 64,and can you explain what you ment ''80+''.i just cannot understand that.
  5. its energy efficiency so your components dont get fried by uneven electrical current

    and here is a power supply thatll work for you
  6. thank you,i read about it on wiki and i learned something new,which would never cross my mind,but because i want to make some components to last me 3-4 years without a need for changing them,i mean for example,I AM BUYING R7770 (I MADE A MISTAKE,IT IS NOT R7750) because i'm sure that it will run games from medium to high until 2014 ,maybe 2015,so i want to upgrade in summer to I3 or I5 CPU ,and i wonder will that PSU (CORSAIR CX430) work fine with those components or i will need to buy new one,just i don't wanna sound boring or annoying,i just want something that i wouldn't change every 6months or a year.(of course,there's a possibility of hardware faliure )
  7. if you want a future proof power supply i would get 550w, that can handle any video card and any processor you would want and would last you around 7 years or more provided that power cord standards dont change by then
  8. that's what i everthing looks compatible,just to add new psu to the list.Thanks and i think this is end of this thread.
  9. your welcome. if i have solved your question would you wind selecting a best answer? i am trying to get a silver badge for motherboards
  10. of course.just i am new at this site,so were do i have to click to do that?
  11. itll show you on one of my replies
  12. you mean like thumb up and down??

    --if it was that i kinda experimented with that and made one wrong click. :(
  13. no, it should say select as best answer. its not that important, you dont need to burden youself
  14. i am so stupid for this s*** !!!
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