New Flag

Has everyone noticed the new Flag...

"Question without an Answer"

I guess we couldn't see that the thread had a 0 under replies, stating it doesn't have an answer. :D
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  1. Okay... it was there just a minute ago and now it is gone??
  2. It's not a new one. It' been there for a while. Notice that most of the icons have a grey "shadow" behind them? The ones that don't have no replies. In your case that image didn't load though, so you got the Alt text instead.
  3. Interesting... Here I though it was a new flag but it was an issue with Firefox. Explains why it went away so quickly after I switch forum sections.
  4. Hi,

    Yes... Server or network glitches could cause icons or other external things (such as css stylesheets) not to load like that. Usually hitting reload will correct the issue.

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