Help with unstable latency over cable modem service

I am having real trouble with my cable modem connection. I have Mediacom cable modem service. From the modem, I have an Ethernet connection to a Netgear Router / Switch FVS318v3 with the latest firmware. From there, several devices are wired Ethernet connected. My main symptoms are very poor performance streaming (Netflix or PlayOn) despite have very consistent 6MB - 8MB connection bandwidth.

When I run a tracert I get very unstable results. One minute my hops past my modem can be >600ms or more and then 5 minutes later they can be <30ms. When the Mediacom techs come out, they can never find any issues.

Here are my latest tracert results:

These were within 5 minutes of each other last night. Can anyone guide me to how to troubleshoot something like this? Thank you.
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  1. Get ahold of AT&T. This is 100% their problem. Your latencies out to their nodes are acceptable. Once the traffic hits their network, it all goes to hell.
  2. Here is the screen that you requested. If you could, I'd appreciate an explanation of what this screen is telling me. This screen is new to me and I am not familiar with what I can learn from it.

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