Windows 7 won't install on new Motherboard and RAM

I'm having some problems with my new motherboard and new ram I recently installed in my build. Every time I try to boot windows from my old hard drive it gets to the Windows logo, freezes, and restarts. I then tried to install Windows 7, and I got the same problem (gets to logo, freezes, restarts).
I tried resetting the CMOS and that didn't work. What should I do?
My new motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-P75-D3
I installed 16 more GB of ram (used to have 4gb). It's Corsair XMS3 1333mhz 1.5 volt for a total of 3 sticks at 20gb. I also have an HIS 5770 graphics card (if that has to do with anything).
Please help, thanks.
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  1. first question is do you have your heat sink properly installed? second is the windows install cd actually loading up? take out the 4gb ram stick, 1155 socket requires dual channel memory [pairs of 2, so either have 2 dimm slots occupied or 4]. third when it crashes do you get a blue screen? if you get a blue screen itll give you an error code, please post the error code [if available]
  2. +1 to vanwazltoff! First take out the new ram.
  3. try removing the new ram and run with the old ram, if that works take out the old ram and put in the new ram. make sure its in the optimum channels
  4. Thanks for you help! I nstalled windows 7. But, I have a question about my ram. Does this mean I can only run 16gb of RAM rather than 20gb? Thanks again.
  5. ... Where would you be getting 20 GB from? Mixing kits? Don't do that.

    Also, 16GB is already WAY overkill... running photoshop, battlefield 3, AND 20 tabs in chrome, a computer doesn't even use 7 GB.
  6. Ok, it seems I have a bad 8gb RAM stick, which has been causing my problems. I'll have to return it.
  7. dont mix ram, always get matched ram. and 16gb itself is overkill for anything less than video editing
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