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650 watts enough for this rig?

My config is:

Two GTX 560s (Not Ti, and not OC'ed) in SLI.

I won't be doing a lot of overclocking.So, will a 650 watt PSU be sufficient to power this rig? how much headroom would I have?Will I be able to overclock the CPU?

I am considering an XFX 650 watt PSU, it's got some pretty good reviews.

Thanks in advance :D
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  1. With that power supply you can overclock all what you want. Its a good PSU.
  2. Thanks :D, but it will handle two GTX 560s right?
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    The 560s in SLI will draw around 300 watts the xfx 650 can handle it without a problem. Your system is roughly drawing around 450 to 500 watts max. So you stilll have some headroom to play with.
  4. Yeah it's fine.
  5. Thanks guys :D
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