Radeon HD 4550 PCI x16 in a PCI x16 (Low Profile) Dangers?

hey all my computer broke a couple days ago and i got the living room computer which is a acer aspire x3810. The PCI Slot it comes with is a LOW PROFILE slot. i managed to fit my graphics card in the shell of the computer (dont ask how its a miracle.)

anyway what i wanted to ask is if there is any real danger for a non low profile to be in a low profile computer? from my understanding the only difference is that its a smaller space for a graphics card to fit in....i realize that the graphics card does get kindof hot so i put a room fan pointing into the side of the case (side panel of the computer is not on) and the heat does drop noticeably.

thanks everyone.
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  1. well power supply wise you should be fine since the HD 4550 is a low wattage
    just be careful that the card is not loose and make sure it cant be moved around
    you should be fine
    as long as you dont mind the way it looks the you are fine

    I had my side off my Dell for most of the summer with a fan blowing on it
    both my CPU and GPU are oc'd pretty high up especially video card
    when I am gaming
  2. yes i make sure the card is not to be moved around or anything like that....thank you very much king smp your reply is very much appreciated. kudos
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