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ok , last time im going to ask this question before buying it. Which mother should i get for the 1155 CPU? I have the gigabyte ga z77x up5 th in mind? Any better mtoherboards at this price. Are all the pcie lanes good for 3 way sli? if i decide to/
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  1. first off do you need thunder bolt ports? second i would advise getting 1 or 2 really powerful video cards instead of getting 3.
  2. i love the thunderbolt feature. I dont need it really. But just to make it furture proof i want it. Also since all the new iphone 5 have got it. Im a really regretful person. If i buy a wrong part. I will end up killing myself haha. so ye.
  3. iphones do not have thunderbolt, they have a "lightning" port which is basically just a reversible ipod cable replacement that was implemented to help shrink the size of future devices. i believe its based on usb 3.0 because all macs have that as a standard now, though i could be wrong about that. thunderbolt accessories are ridiculously expensive and nothing is actually cost effective yet. whether or not thunderbolt will take off remains to be seen. i am sure it will eventually get cheap enough for regular consumers but for now usb 3.0 is fast enough with good devices and good usb controllers
  4. ok so we got that cleared up. I still want the same motherboard due to its amazing features. anything better at its price range?
  5. most people rarely use those killer features, i always recommend the asrock extreme4 z77.

    not really thats actually a pretty descent motherboard
  6. though if i were to spend that much i would probably just step of the an ROG board like the maximus v
  7. What do you mean by pretty decent . Decent means "Conforming with generally accepted standards of respectable or moral behavior" . What about the p877 - pro th?
  8. synonyms for decent are: okay, acceptable, good. all motherboards in that range are good, though ROG boards tend to be among the best
  9. ok , bro honestly what would you go for?
  10. an asrock exteme4. for higher end an asrock extreme6 with thunderbolt, higher than that probably that gigabyte board you first posted.

    really think about it, do those features and having 10 bizillion usb ports really matter? i asked myself this when i started recommending boards and studied different boards and features for hours, what i concluded is that everything past $130 is just wasteful spending because you will never use those features.

    ask your self this, how many graphics cards do you really want to run, how many usb 2.0 and 3.0 ports do you really need, look at thunderbolt accessories and see if the costs of them really makes you want to have that on a motherboard, do you need on-board wireless, all mobos with good vram heat sinks OC about the same some can go a bit higher than others but utlimately there will be a point were you will have to liquid cool which isnt cost effective, do you need msata/mini pci express

    once you know what you need you can get something accordingly and might be able to save $100 in the process
  11. Im avoiding as rock. I got so many people saying dont get it, becuase of poor overclocking and poor motherboard generally ... I am thinking, the asus p87zz - pro - thunderbolt? good or not?
  12. most z77 boards OC the same or similar and for a stable long term OC you dont want to go too high anyways. asrock makes a good competitive board. the gog 3 all have good and bad products, you cant judge a company by that if they are all equal. sure its good
  13. the big 3*
  14. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ! ;/ !! dont want to regret buying any motherboard!! thats the big problem here.

    Ok heres what i want.

    Good powerful pcie lanes. for 2 GPUS
    Good amount of features.
    Popular motherboard/good reviews.
    Future proof and nice design.
    Good hhistory of the motherboards
    good amount of fan and sata ports
  15. this doesnt break the bank, its excellent for sli/xfire, has excellent audio, it skinps a tiny bit in the sata port department, its a name brand board that optimised for gaming

    this is also a good gaming board

    dual lan gaming board thats loaded
  16. *** motherboards, you've given me the most shittest recommendations ever :/ time waste
  17. how would you know? you are not understanding motherboard principles and i have tried to explain them, more like my time wasted
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