Moved working computer to new case. Random shut off, won't reboot.

I purchased an HP desktop a while back on discount. It had a nice i7 in it and 8gb of ram plus some other things I wanted so I figured why not, got it pretty inexpensively. Since then I've swapped out the power supply and the graphics card (Corsair 500CW and ATI 5780). Everything has been working perfect, haven't had a single hiccup with the system at all since day one or since my upgrade which I've had for several months.

Last night I purchased a new Coolermaster case to improve airflow and the overall look of the computer. I am somewhat novice at this but I understand the basics and have friends to ask for advice, so after a couple hours I have everything in the new case and I go to power it on but - no dice. I check all my connections and everything seems ok but it won't power on, so I take it all apart piece by piece and get my motherboard alone so I can see if I fried it. I am still having trouble powering it on but it seems to power on occasionally when I try. Very confused now so I take off my heat sink, dust off the processor, replace the heat sink and now it's powering on regularly.

Now I put everything back in the case, hook up all my components and boot it up. Boots up great, the computer is working like it was before I moved over to the new case, great. After checking a few things and making sure sounds, graphics card, and internet work - I go back to life as usual. Watching a few hours of netflix when all the sudden boom, the system shuts down and won't boot back up.

After working on the thing for about 5 hours I just didn't have the motivation to try to fix it last night. Figured it might have been heat related so I leave it and go to bed. This morning it still won't boot and I'm completely lost.
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  1. Never advisable to remove a heatsink from the cpu without removing the old paste and re-applying new paste.
    The cpu is probably shutting down now to protect itself from overheating.
  2. Does that explain why it won't boot at all anymore? You'd think after cooling overnight it would be able to boot again, no?
  3. you may have fried the new thermal paste,then try to boot up
  4. Is there anyway I can check if I fried the cpu without buying and re-applying new thermal paste? How would I have fried the cpu? Would the motherboard not react at all, no fans or anything?
  5. re-check all of your connections from the psu to the motherboard and make sure everything is seated correctly
  6. I've already done that once but I guess tonight I'll just have to take it apart and try to post the motherboard alone again.
  7. Dude......Dude.!, just get some cheap thermal past and apply it. You have pretty much probably cut the product warranty by taking it out of the case so now you have to take every precaution to not mess it up. make sure your case front panel cables are plugged into the propper pins.
  8. I will put some thermal paste on, but I don't think that's the issue right now. Would that prevent any sort of boot at all? I don't think it would.
  9. I agree with the rest of you that some new thermal paste should be applied but it doesn't sound like he took off the cpu heat sink until it wouldn't boot. If the system had been working perfectly fine before; it shouldn't' have gone from working to nothing then start working again just because of lack of thermal paste.
  10. When I had the mobo out on it's on to see if I had fried it, I was attempting a post test and at first it wasn't working. Then it randomly starting booting for me and giving me three loud beeps and repeating that.
  11. I just ran home and took it out of the case. I hooked up the power supply and managed to get it to boot but only after contacting the jbat1 pins. After that I was able to power on and off using the jfp1 pins. After I managed to get it booting regularly I grabbed my gpu, a keyboard, monitor, and my hard drive and I got my computer up and running. I am very confused.

    I will grab some thermal paste tonight after work and re-apply. That could be why it shut down the other time but I don't understand my issue with my power switch.

    Like a complete novice I removed my jumpers without knowing it. I am ashamed.
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