Gigabyte M68M-S2P Compatibility

I have an old AMD computer, and was hoping to jazz it up for gaming.

I was wondering with the following specs, what are the latest processors and graphics cards this motherboard can support?

Gigabyte M68M-S2P Motherboard
AMD Athlon II x3 425 Processor
ATI Radeon HD 4600 series

Many Thanks
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  1. i would get a new motherboard. how much are willing to spend on everything?
  2. Well i recently and naively bought a laptop for university, hoping to game on it too. The only issues was the graphics card (GT630M) which was ok, but struggled with Far Cry 3 and a few other games. So i am contemplating selling the laptop and buying a nice rig to last me (£600-£750 budget).

    If the motherboard is that old and better to start from scratch, is my budget better of for AMD or Intel?

  3. you can make a pretty good computer for that kind of a budget. i would go i5-3570k, and asrock extreme4 motherboard, 8gb of ram and probably a radeon 7950 if you can, all that should be in your budget and will make one hell of a gaming rig. go to the new builds section, they handle this stuff all the time, though its a lot of back and forth because everyone has their own opinion.
  4. Thanks for the help! Ill head over there now :)
  5. unfortunately they almost never suggest a good motherboard so tell them you are not budging on the asrock extreme4 z77, the dumb things they suggest sometimes, i swear lol

    an i5-3570k is an awesome processor and i would suggest going higher, lower or going with amd, intel definitely has a winner with the i5-3570k
  6. i wouldnt*
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