What does supressed ICMP traffic on your network mean

i can not connect to a certain website. i tried to ping it and it said 100% packet loss. but when i ping my ip address its ok. how can i get this website to work on my network
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  1. First of all, just because you cannot ping it doesn't mean it's not up and running.

    That site could be blocking ICMP traffic and thus you would get no reply.

    Or perhaps it's down for maintenance.

    Have you tried other protocols like HTTP?

    Is the site the only one which you cannot access or are you unable to access any site on the internet?

    If this site is the only one, confirm you have the correct IP address or URL and try back after several hours just incase they were performing maintenance the last time you tried.

  2. A lot of websites block ICMP messages as a security measure to prevent what's known as "ping of death" DoS attempts. The ping of death is an oversized ICMP packet that causes buffer overflows within routers and other devices. Blocking ICMP messages is a way to stop this type of attack.
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