Cooling advice required!

Hello everyone!

I need a bit of advice.
I started building a new gaming PC, A8-3870k Quad Core CPU 3.0ghz, 8gb ram and ATI Radeon HD 6970, and I'm not sure if I should add extra fans to cool it down, the case I currently have is CoolerMaster Elite 310 Blue Case. A friend told me that I shouldn't be so worried about the cooling, that it won't overheat, but looking at the case you can straight away tell that it is not for "hardcore" gaming.

If any of you could tell me if I should consider adding any extra fans to cool it down, I would really appriciate it!

Thanks for any help, and sorry if its in the wrong sub category!
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  1. Your case isn't ideal for cooling but would be improved by adding a 120mm front intake fan and possibly another on the side panel as intake.
  2. Stress test and see what your temps are. Until you do that its all theoretical.
  3. Ideally if your wanting to prolong the life of your pc, overclock or just want peace of mind then I would strongly advise on getting a full tower case or a large midi.

    I would advise on the corsair 600t SE white, cable management and cooling is great.

    If your after a cheaper option look towards changing the stock fans on your case and filling every slot up.

    HOWEVER what I would do is actually check your temps and see what your actually getting.
  4. Thank you guys for a very fast response and the advice!
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