Acer Aspire 5734z, want to add ram

Can someone please tell me how to add ram to my ACER ASPIRE 5734z-4836? Right now it has 3gb, Iam hoping it can be upgraded.

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  1. You can upgrade it to 4GB (, but assuming that you have a 32bit Windows, that will make no sense, because only 3,5Gb will be seen by windows. Save the money for a new laptop. Even a cheap one will be way faster then your old one.
  2. Thanks but its actually a 64bit OS.
  3. srcincy said:
    Thanks but its actually a 64bit OS.

    You can replace the 1GB module with a single 2GB module to max out the memory.

    Compatible 2GB module for your laptop can be found in this link -

    Good luck!!
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