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6770 Crossfire questoin

I was given 2 6770's and I was wondering if even though they are the 'same" card, if I could crossfire...

Why Im asking is because one is the dual slot version

and the other is the single slot version.

Also if it would work. What setup should I do? I have this mobo

and what im wondering is what card should go into first X16 slot and which one should go into second X16 slot?

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    They are the "same card." You can crossfire them. You'll probably have to put the single slot one in the first slot. This placement may be the only way they'll fit. If not, it doesn't matter which order you install them.
  2. thank you for that. I figured they would work. But before I mess with stuff just wanted to find out.

    thank you.
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  4. Yes you should be able to Crossfire those two cards. I would put the wider card (since it has more output choices) in the first slot (The long slot closest to the CPU). The other card goes in the other x16 slot (see your motherboard manual if you're not sure which one). Make sure you link up the two cards with a crossfire bridge. Hook your monitor(s) to the card in the first slot. Then boot-up and go to Catalyst Control Center and enable Crossfire. Update your drivers often and install the Catalyst Application Profiles.
  5. Where did you see the other card was a single slot? I have that exact card and it is definately a dual slot card.
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