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Hi There Experts?

Can anyone advise me? I have just bought a 55” Samsung smart led 3d TV and a 3d blu-ray player.
But I cannot connect my 5.1 surround system to it.

My system is a snap in wire system, 2 cable for each speaker. What do I need to buy, to connect my sound system to my new Blu-ray player which as a 4 plug-in sockets system? (Which I informed that this is a 5.1 player). ( I'm informed my system is analog and I need to connect it to Digital? )

I contacted Samsung UK and they were a waste of a phone call, telling me to buy a new 5.1 system. The system I have is less than 2 years old and it work very well.

CAN someone out there help?
Thank you

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  1. EDIT: best solution is new sound system i think.
  2. can you send a picture of the ack of your blu ray player.

    And the back of what ever amplifier you are using.

    and remove your email address from your post you will not get email replies, but you will get spam.

    Your speakers require an analogue signal, your amp provides that signal, your player probably only outputs a digital signal, so your amp has accept that signal, probably via a hdmi cable.

    A really important question is what do you mean when you say a 5.1 system, do you mean just the speakers or the speakers and an amplifier, where did your speakers used to plug into?
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