Flashed my bios, PC won't start now.


Couple of hours ago, I ughh... wanted to "upgrade" my BIOS to another version, but seems like I downgraded it. Tried clearing the CMOS by removing the battery, but it's not working.

And I can't find the jumper on the mobo to clear it.

System specs:

Gigabyte GA870A-USB3 (the bios was F5d, but now I accidentaly F4d it, which is causing the problem)

8gb ram

I am certain that it is the BIOS what is giving me hard time here.

PC powers up and all fans are working, HDD is doing the sound what it should be doing, but I can't hear the first beep nor can I see anything from my monitor.

I really need help with this one
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  1. This was actually my first thing that I tried.
  2. The next one should be to contact Gigabyte.
  3. Or just buy same mobo?
  4. The FX-4100 CPU requires BIOS F5g; your motherboard may be fine if you install a supported CPU.
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