Need Intel Mobile QM67 express chipset driver


Before you say what I know you are going to say, know that I have searched intel's site as well as the rest of the internet. I can not find the driver for this motherboard. The one from Dell (its a Precision M4600) does not install the SM BUS Controller, and I'm still missing drivers for a USB controller (USB 3.0?) I think the right chipset driver will fix...

Dell's drivers suck by the way, the video driver they provide for the firepro M5950 absolutely refused to be used with any sort of solid modeling software. Getting it direct from AMD fixed that...

I can find the intel page for this chipset just fine, here's the link for it...

There are no download links on that page. There is a link "visit product support page" but when I click it I get taken to a blank page called "support for the null."

I can find drivers for chipsets up to QM57 at, but QM67 is not listed there.

Am I just SOL, screwed by a crappy coded website, or is there another way to find this driver?

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  1. for qm67 motherboards the usb 3.0 drivers are all 3rd party since it wasnt natively supported by the chipset. can you detect in windows what usb controller you have? try a windows update, windows 7 takes care of a few drivers that way
  2. +1 for vanwazltoff

    You might find some basic chipset drivers on our site but since we don't build the board and we may not be able to control all the changes that the motherboard manufacturer may have made with it our site is not the best option on getting drivers for another companies board (i.e. Dell, Asus, Gigabyte, or HP to name a few).
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