ASUS Xonar DG Problems

Hi guys,

I bought an ASUS Xonar DG sound card today and stuck it in my machine. It started off with a problem when installing the drivers from the disk, it would tell me "Please insert ASUS sound card" or something along those lines, however the sound card was listed under the Device Manager. After googling this problem it became apparent this was quite a common problem, and to fix it I should try downloading drivers from the ASUS website, so I did this. I had some issues running these drivers, but after a restart and disabling my onboard sound in the BIOS they eventually installed.

I have now rebooted my machine, and still no sound, however when I went into Device Manager there was a little yellow triangle with an exclamation so I right clicked it and told Windows to update the driver through that and I now have sound. Hurray!

Still one last problem however, when I try and run the Xonar DG Audio Center, nothing happens. I have gone to where the program is kept on my disk, and tried running the .exe that way, rather than the start menu shortcut and still nothing happens when I double click it, or if I run as Admin.

At least I have sound, but I would really like to get the Audio Center running so I can fully use the Sound Care (EQ settings, etc.)

Thanks for any help..
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  1. Possibly a bad driver install...Remove the drivers and try again. I'd also be very skeptical about the drivers windows downloaded, as teh ones on ASUS' website should be teh most up to date ones.
  2. I did find it weird that I installed the most up to date drivers but the sound card still didn't work until I right clicked and said update in Device Manager.

    I've tried re-installing the drivers, no luck.
  3. Thanks for that, however this wasn't the problem.

    I'm not quirte sure what went wrong, but I think when I installed from disk, something maybe went corrupt and I couldn't fully un-install the drivers properly before re-installing from the net. I did a system restart to before I used the disk, and then re-installed from the net and it's all working now. :)
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