Compatible? Placement?

Noob question (I assume).

So I am getting my computer back with Super Talent RAM 8 GB/4x2 @ 1333 MHz and I plan to throw in Kingston HyperX Red 8GB/4x2 Memory Module Kit - 1600MHz, 9-9-9.

I just want to ask these two quick questions:

Realizing having all the same RAM is desirable, does anyone foresee any problems with them being installed on the same system (assuming compatibility with the motherboard)?

Should I install the Kingston in slot 1&3 and the Super Talent in 2&4 (4 available DDR3 slots)?

Thanks for you patience with a guy who has limited tech knowledge.

Super Talent <---Not the same breakdown

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    Personally, I would go with just the Kingston 8GB and leave the other 1333 out. 8 GB of RAM is usually more than enough unless you are doing some extreme multi-tasking.

    But, in the light of that, no it won't hurt anything and you could probably utilize all 16GB but at the slower speed. You should put the slower RAM in the first set of slots and the kingston in the second set. This will allow the memory controller to set the speed for all 4.
  2. ^^ I agree, but if you can, try overclocking your super talent RAM to the same speed and timings of your kinston RAM and install the kingston RAM in slot 1 and 3. it should work if everything is the same. test with memtest though.
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  4. Didn't know if I should start a new thread for this or what.....

    But the computer got here and I tried installing the Kingston in slots 2&4. When I turn on the power it powers on and off repeatedly. I don't know what do do here. When I pull the RAM out it starts up fine.

    I have used this RAM on this motherboard before, so I don't understand the issue.

  5. Try the Kingston in slots 1 and 3 by themselves and see what you get?
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