What do you think of my build?

just what the title says.

I might change the case to a Haf-X.
Which case is better?
General Opinions please
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  1. Looks good, no DVD/Blu Ray or any hard drives? Otherwise looks pretty solid. Haf-X is meant to have really good air flow. Either case would be pretty good.

    PC Case Gear is great, good prices and shipping is good. I get my stuff from there.
  2. the ripjaws might not fit under your noctua
    also the noctua is an overkill for the 2500k, a corsair A70 will be fine.
    I don't trust CM psus and so much money on a case i find a waste that could be used elsewhere. (like an ssd)
  3. HAF X is not a pretty good Case for the price.

    The most you should be looking at is the new and improved HAF932.
  4. Alright,
    So I should change the CPU Cooler, case and Ram?

    I've already got a HDD and will be getting an SSD later on.
  5. And PSU just to be on the safe side
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