Question about RAM timing 9-9-9-24 & 9-9-9-24-2N

First of all, what does the 2N stand for?
Second, will there be any problems if I use 2 different set of ram with the timings stated above, or will there be a problem because of the 2N part?

The RAMs in question is

Someone linked me to a website that shows that the corsair ram timing is 9-9-9-24 2T, is that correct or no? The corsair website doesn't' show the 2T Part
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  1. Does anyone know?...
  2. it does the same as 2t it is the command rate i could not find corsair with the 2t but found the same cheaper here is the link
  3. But the question i'm asking is does both RAMs work with each other if I use them?
  4. Both kits have the same Frequency and CAS Timings (9-9-9-24-2N), but have totally different IC's. Therefore, my best advice to you is not to mix-match any RAM.

    ANS1: '2N' is the Command Rate (CR or CMD) is the Delay between chip select and command, or the number of clock cycles needed to send data.

    ANS2: As stated above the Frequency, CAS Timings and Voltage of both kits are the 'same' at least on the surface. The problem is RAM has much deeper Timings which is influenced by the RAM's IC's, Ranking, etc. So it's best never to mix-match RAM. Further, I really don't recommend mixing Densities and especially not exceeding your CPU's Rated Memory frequency in those cases. It a matter of Errors and system stability.

    Ideally, if you need >4GB of RAM then simply purchase a new 2x4GB or 4x4GB matched set. RAM is sooo inexpensive now that saving $30~$50 vs Stability simply isn't worth the headaches.
  5. I generally don't recommend running two different sticks in dual channel mode, but 4 sticks that are 2 sets of 2 have worked fine for me in several builds, as long as you make sure the matched sticks are together (generally one set of sticks in slots 1 & 3 and one in slots 2 & 4). It will probably work out of the box, and you likely can get it to work even if you have issues by installing one set, setting all the timings manually a little slower (ie 10-10-10, etc) and then reinstalling the second set.
  6. do you already have ram stick on hand ?
  7. What do you mean?
    I own both of those ram's
  8. you got both and use them as dual channel memory same kind of sticks on the same channel so they will work at the setting for the lower set could support and do you use a 64 bits os or 32 because the 32 will see only 4 gig.
  9. then you ok just check your motherboard manual to put them in the same dual channel memory slot.
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