6850 vs 6870 vs GTX 460

Ignore the title this is 5850 vs 5870 vs GTX 460

I'm a student on a low budget. I have bought every other piece for my gaming PC except the software and GFX card. The software will be Win 7 Pro with Office Pro Plus for £65 to upgrade my Win XP HP. I have a budget of £180 and can't go higher. With software it's £115. Because of the budget I usually get my stuff off eBay. So my question is:

I bought a Sapphire HD 5850 yesterday for £115. I may be able to get a 5870 Vapour X for the same price. But there's also a Zotac GTX 460 1GB about to go for £70.

Keep in mind that if I pay for the 5850 I'll have no money left for stationary, lunch etc. I may be able to sell some old phones for £20. I do own Crysis but it's not the most important game in my collection.

Considering this is my first build, would a 5850 be surplus to my requirements? Apart from Crysis and Metro 2033, would there be any significant difference between the two frame rates of 5850 and GTX 460 on all other games? Also, would any of them be able to run BF3? What I wanted was a card that can max games now but also one I could carry into my next build rather than keep everything outdated. Could SLI/Overclocking solve the shortcomings of the GTX 460?

The rig is
Asus P5Q SE2
Intel Q6600
Seasonic 600W
Jeantech Case
4gb 800mhz ddr2

Resolutions of 1920x1080p to start with
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  1. werner123 said:
    Hi, as it stands the 6850 now with the latest drivers has the upper hand, i play crysis and metro 2033 perfectly with my 6850 even if it is nvidia favored games. I think BF3 will be well optimized and you should be able to play it at decent details.

    I would also get 2 6850's instead of 2 460's it has lower power consumption uses only 1 6-pin pci-express connector where as the 460 needs 2 6-pin connectors so you will need 4 6-pin connectors when you want to sli meaning your current PSU will have to be replaced, but with 2 6850's your current psu will actually be good enough as long as you only have essential hardware installed. The 460 has better oc'ing capabilities.

    Looking at the prices the 460 wins, but if you can get the 6870 for the same price as the 6850 get that instead.

    Sorry I made a big mistake. It's 5850 and 5870 not 6850 and 6870. Should I buy all 3 then choose the most economical one to pay for?
  2. werner123 said:
    Yes, but why buy all 3?

    If the 5870 is the same price as the 5850 go for the 5870 and forget about the 460

    So are the 5870 and 5850 worth the £50 extra?
  3. i'd go with the 5870...considering the same price range between the two...

    or maybe 6850/70 for better tesselation (dx11 feature)...

    btw,,those cards u mentioned wud be outdated in 10months or so...personally i wud go with the gtx460 1gb and keep the cash or invest in a new procie+mobo...it'll do fine in fullHD reso...
  4. I went with the 5850 Vapour X, thanks. The 5870 shot up to £150+ in the last few hours.
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