Is it dead? ;(

I shut my newly built pc down this morning and left it updating windows 8.

I turned it on tonight and it boots for about 1-2 seconds the powers off again.
Removing the gpu cause less action (less cpu fan spins etc)

I've replaced the psu and still the same problems

i5 3570k
Asus p8z77 v lx
8gb corsair vengeance
Gt220 gpu
500watt psu

Has my motherboard died? The LEDs are still the same (gpu boost etc)

Christmas not looking so good now :(

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  1. Check ALL connections to motherboard, make sure none have come loose. Please list make and model of power supplies used. Double check fan connector for processor heatsink.
  2. All connections seem fine, the CPU fan is well connected the power supplies are

    Alpine jsp550p12n 559watts
    Ace 400watts

    I admit the these are cheap psu but the alpine was working and some does the other
    I am planning on buying a much better psu but wanted this to get by on.
  3. call the mobo manufacture, see if they have anything to contribute.
  4. Try and reset CMOS as per directions in manual.
  5. knightdog56 said:
    Try and reset CMOS as per directions in manual.

    +1 for resetting cmos
    also remove all non essential usb devices, try running on one stick of ram and test both ram sticks
  6. Remove cmos battery.power bios.restart.insert cmos battery.power on.Load default settings in bios.Change date and time.
  7. New psu fixed the problem so its better to get a branded PSU.
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