Msi twin frozr ii 560ti runs too hot

Hello, I have a mid-size tower with a corsair h80 installed as well as 2x 120mm and 1x 140mm case fans installed. I recently installed the gfx card above and it idles cool at 34C, but in load it gets up to 90C! This surely isn't normal with such a good card/well ventilated case?
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  1. first off is your cards fan spinning? second are your case fans facing the right direction. its best to have air flow from front of the case to the back. if you have all your fans blowing into the case your gonna over heat same if you have them all blowing out.
  2. Yes, cards fans are spinning; I also do have the front 120mm drawing in air and both h80's fan's pushing out through the back. Both the side panel fan and the top fan draw air in.
  3. What happens if you set the top fan to exhaust instead of inlet?
  4. ^+1. to me it is better for the top fan to be used as an exhaust rather than intake. honestly i wonder why some case maker even suggest that the top fan slot should be used for intake :sweat:

    @OP: did you manually set your gpu fan speed?
  5. Since heat rise's it would probably be best to turn the top fan to blow out.

    As mentioned above make sure your fan speeds are correct and working properly.
  6. @mousemonkey, I shall try that now

    @renz496, No I don't manually set it, should I?

    @purple stank, How can I check fan speeds are correct - do you have a good utility, or should I just stick my hand in there and feel?

    Thanks for the advice
  7. i think it is better to manually set the fan speed but you're going to need third party software like MSI after burner. i like MSI AB because you can set the fan speed in accordance to the gpu temperature. with auto the fan will only starts to spin faster when the temperature was too high. still remember with GTX470/480 the temp can easily reach up to 90c with auto fan control. but once you manually set the fan speed the temp is in 75c-80c under full load
  8. Ok, I've got MSI afterburner with user-defined fan speeds. I re-arranged the fan config in my system so that the front 120mm draws air in, as does the side 120mm, the top 140mm is now an exhaust as are both fans on the h80 (both push air out of the system).

    Just ran a stress test with Kombustor @ 2560x1440 and 8x FSAA, (the settings I would normally play my DX11 games with), the temps were improved slightly - now maxing out at 84C; but surely even this is far too hot considering in most reviews the card maxes at roughly 65C and this is with overclock - I'm not overclocking just yet either.

    Any other ideas guys? Is it possible this is a faulty card - could a card run much hotter than it's supposed to due to a hardware fault already present?
  9. Maybe your fans aren't strong enough.But you try setting a custom fan speed profile.
  10. It's possible that fans aren't strong enough, but before I had this card and before I had the h80, the other card ran a lot cooler - it had a worse cooler as well - and I was using the same fans. I have a custom fan speed profile for the gfx card, do you mean one for the internal case fans? If so can you recommend a utility to set this?
  11. your motherboard maker should have a windows utility that allows you to see your fan speeds, not all allow you to modify them. i use a fan controller for that.
    for your xfx fan speed profile i set mine to the fastest i thought was still quiet and it works well. ended up being 65%. keeps my card under 70C on load. i sometimes turn it up to max when playing a loud game. cuz i dont notice it then.
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