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Parts of California are facing the threat of roaming balckouts, and, being that I live there, I started thinking about buying a UPS. Any recomendations? This would be for a home system not a server. I have lots of peripherals to plug in but rarely use all or even most of them at the same time. Thanks in advance

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  1. do you need them for just a few minutes to shutdown your computer, or do you want them to last you the full hour (in which case they'd get really expensive AND bulky...)

    in any case, I'd recommend the APC for the company... ( I think)
  2. APC is the way to go, if you have a big moniter and a high watt power supply (300W+) you will need at a minimum a 600VA unit, but a 1000VA would probably serve you better.


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  3. I got an APC Back-UPS 650 this fall; next time I would get something bigger. On my dual PII 450 (451 watt PS) and 21" monitor, I get about 6-10 minutes run time, and it would be much nicer to get 15-20 minutes before having to shut down.
  4. I have a APC 1400. most of the time it's just sitting there being a big surge protector but I do live in the Bay Area so It's just waiting for the next outage. Go with APC they seem to be the best out there.

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  5. i've got 3 powerware (formerly exide) ups's and love 'em.
    two 1kVA and one 1.25kVA. all are model 9125.
    they're true-online units and keep my power sparkling clean.
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